The Big Idea

The future of work is flexible, inclusive and connected. There is no going back to pre-COVID ways of selling, managing and using work and retail spaces.

COVID and WFH have created a dramatic change in workplace use and expectations. This means a wholesale update in commercial real estate practice and as owners and managers match their services to the current demands around how commercial and retail spaces are going to be used. An important part of this update is minimising costs as efficiency is increased.

The long-heralded rethink of the role of offices and digital tools has begun - leveraging technology to create better ways to work. This goes beyond more effective architectural/interior design; modern offices and retail spaces require better quality services, less energy usage, lower overhead fees and overall improved experience for tenants.

Proptech to satisfy the new demands of commercial space

  • Perspectives on emerging trends in tech to support commercial and retail spaces
  • Analysing the impact of the new normal and the technologies that have become ‘must haves’
  • Satisfying the new demand for sustainability
  • How an integrated “experience” increases the value of commercial spaces

Taking advantage of the digital revolution

  •  Asset management and IoT in commercial property for increased efficiency
  • Co-operating with tenants in an open data universe
  • Sharing financial information in commercial real estate practise
  • Ensuring data security and accuracy

“This was the best conference I have been to. Very relevant diverse speakers and excellent content”
Fund Manager, Real Assets, AXA Investment Managers (Proptech Summit 2019 attendee)

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