Day Two: Friday 6 May

Taking advantage of the digital revolution
Coffee and networking

Opening remarks from the Chair

Stephen Macdonald
The Proptech Connection

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Digitalising real estate - understanding the synergies between physical and digital environments (pre-recorded interview)
  • Analysing how COVID has broken the inertia in adoption of proptech
  • Exploring digital transformation and tenant experience as a business imperative
  • Harnessing the power of clean tech to reduce real estate’s environmental impact

Nicky Wightman
Director of Emerging Trends
Savills (UK)

Satisfying the new demand for sustainability

Turning ESG from corporate obligation to a market opportunity across Asia
  • Outlining the challenges the real estate sector faces on its journey towards Carbon Neutrality
  • Incorporating Social and Governance solutions to drive key market opportunities for change
  • Examining the financial impact of Clean Green and Connected real estate
  • Building emerging technology solutions into new developments versus fitting them retroactively
  • Identifying which technologies will provide investors, developers and occupiers with tangible benefits and real outcomes

Jonathan Hannam
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Taronga Ventures


INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Enabling optimal work experience for a distributed workforce
  • Workplace trends across Asia resulting from COVID
  • Aligning corporate values around environmental issues and the workplaces they occupy
  • Creating a holistic approach to redefining office space by starting with balancing the needs of employees and employers, and how we are adapting new ways of working
  • Tech enablement best practices: what are some of the tech advancements occupiers are adopting
  • Who has shifted to hybrid work? what does this mean? What to consider when your organisation adopt this approach?

Truddy Cheung
Head of North Asia Consulting

Morning tea
Harnessing the power of digitalisation for paradigm shifts in commercial real estate

Reassessing the value proposition of properties - using technology to move beyond traditional metrics
  • Increasing tenant engagement by optimizing real-time updates about facilities
  • Why cost/square foot or sales/square foot and location are no longer the key to value
  • Collaborating with tenants to understand end-user preferences
  • Deploying smart building design and maintenance capabilities to offer more relevant services to tenants and end users

Amanda Steele
Executive Managing Director, Property Management
CBRE Asia Pacific

Driving measurable business value with data, advanced analytics and AI

The challenges commercial and corporate real estate decision makers face in today’s competitive business environment are multi-layered and complex. Using different data sources to prove organizational performance, comparing varying courses of action, generating actionable insights and employing a structured approach to business problems is crucial to achieving a clear competitive advantage. Business intelligence and advanced analytics tools, such as AI, can have a profound impact on corporate strategy, performance and competitiveness.

Mark Cohen
Vice President of Product APAC
MRI Software

How can digitalisation improve the tenant experience and maximise the value of office space?
  • Providing an efficient digital platform to manage and run office spaces – desks, rooms, breakout space, receptions
  • Mitigating potential workspace risks and uncertainty by providing relevant data on space usage trends and occupancy levels
  • Supporting flexibility for workers who are working between home and the office, helping to enable and support flexible and hybrid working models
  • Choosing the software solutions that allow real time control and analytics and ensure every square metre of office space is maximised

Stephen Macdonald
The Proptech Connection

Networking lunch
Nurturing trust and transparency between tenants and operators in an open data universe

Sharing retail data across brands, locations and acquisition targets
  • Using mobile data to gather geospatial information and process it quickly into an accessible format
  • Processing customer insights to identify and turnaround underperforming assets in otherwise strong locations
  • Adjusting rental and values of spaces based on the number of potential consumers moving through the location rather than cash register sales

Matt Copus
Head of Retail Analytics Australia

PANEL DISCUSSION: How do property owners, managers, tenants and users of space productively approach open data?
  • How much data sharing are tenants comfortable with?
  • Who retains the IP on the data and information collected?
  • What are the potential points of conflict that data sharing can expose and how can they be dealt with?
  • What is best practise in sharing commercial property data?


David Bolton
Chief Technology Officer
Domain Group


Matt Copus
Head of Retail Analytics Australia

Stephen White
Energy Efficiency Domain Leader

Benjamin Martin-Henry
Head of Real Estate Research, Pacific

PANEL DISCUSSION: Can proptech propel commercial real estate into a renaissance?
  • What are the issues technology can address to resolve the challenges of commercial property?
  • How do we predict the paradigm shifts that will change how commercial real estate is practised?
  • Is Australia a market leader or a follower of international trends?
  • Which technologies will be game changers for how the sector does business?
  • How important is being agile in a shifting market?


Amanda Steele
Executive Managing Director, Property Management
CBRE Asia Pacific

Kylie Frazer

Co-founder and Partner
Flying Fox Ventures

Peter Matthews
President | Chief Executive Officer
REINSW | Realtair

Closing remarks from the Chair
Afternoon tea and end of Australian Proptech Summit 2022